We provide comprehensive personnel coverage of employees in the food industry, according to specific requirements

(with valid health certificates).

GQs provides skilled labour for the following companies:

Bakeries, Milk plants, Butcheries, Warehouses, Distribution and logistics centers and others


  • Head of Department - Production, Logistics, Quality, Planning, ...
  • Foreman, Team leader, Supervisor
  • Operators - Production, Logistics
  • Maintenance workers, Electricians
  • Drivers / Fork-lift drivers
  • Logisticians
  • Warehouse operatives
  • Controllers

!!! We also provide sanitation teams for disinfection of rooms and facilities !!!

We provide complete service - health certificates, COVID 19 test, protective equipment (masks, gloves, suits)

Time range: short-term and long-term assistance
Location: throughout Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary